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Apr 11

Questions, Site updates

Some of these have been sitting in my inbox for some time. The answers you’ve so long awaited, shall elude you no more. ;)

Q: Would you choose LUEshi over me?
A: Never! You know that!

Q: lawl let me spit in your tummy!
A: Um.. Yea. No, I think I’ll have to pass.

Q: how are things away ? – ben p.
A: Away, as in Japan? I think I blogged about this but to recap: things were wonderful.

Q: Do you miss me and love me?
A: Always.

Anyway, ask more questions! These all came 2 people!

Just a note, I’ve joined a new topsite list so please vote for me at Gothic 100.

Lastly, I’ve updated the splash page.

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