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Sep 22

Procrastinate? Nah.

hearing: My stripper song
feeling: warm and sick )=
wanting: my Rian

So today I was able to get 2 new ID’s which, in turn, will be valuable for updating my bank information and getting a passport.

Wendy and I also dropped off our soda cans, made a few bucks from that and had bourbon chicken. When we just left home, it started to rian and while the drops were huge, it was a fairly “light” rain. While we were at the food court, it was raining like mad and thundering and the psuedo skylights were neat to see. I love rain and storms and during them, the atmosphere just seems energy charged and tense and it certainly felt like that today.

We stopped to take a look at the newly opened street in front of the mall; just a few weeks ago (if that) they finished construction which changed it to allow traffic rather than just pedestrians. It looks pretty neat but it’s a little sad to lose something which was, in a way, historic. It’s all part of this plan to “Revitalize” down town and while I’d love if our down town was ever worth visiting, I don’t really know if it’s working.

We then headed over to Radio Shack because I wanted to check out MP3 players and it turns out that my friend/aquaintance from school, whose name is Joe, works there and we talked about MP3 players. He showed me the Olympus m:robe which is this sexy beast of an MP3 player on which I’d had my eye for some time and I dediced to buy it.

Of course, if it’s stylish, the software must be crap and by crap I mean poop. It looks an awful lot like Itunes and, as you may or may not know, I don’t like iTunes but you must use the m:trip software to put any music on the m:robe. Fine. It’s installed and I load all my music into its library, not a problem. I decide to go ahead and “sync” (transfer) the music and whenever it fills up I’ll just delete and add to get the specific combination I want. After 8,000 errors and a lot of frustration, I finally head to sleep because I’m sick, tired and impatient.

I did find a software upgrade which makes things a bit easier, but it’s still a pain in the ass. Right now, I’ve got 68 songs on there when I should be able to have almost twenty times as much on it, but it keeps telling me there’s “not enough room.” Well, why the fuck not? -grumbles*

I’m going to make some food, maybe watch a movie or read a book.

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