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Nov 03


AKA: Help, I can’t afford the internet!

It annoys me every time I see someone complaining  online about how hard life is and financial struggles and not being able to pay rent/buy groceries/get diapers, especially when I know they’re paying for internet or I see them on for more than 50% of the day.  I know that some people are using the internet for free or that some people have jobs with a lot of time to surf the internet. There are exceptions, of course. I don’t deny this.

But I think that sacrificing the internet (or cable or MP3 player or cell phone etc) before you are evicted or your baby is starving is probably a better idea than keeping it just so you can bitch. And even if you’re not spending money on things that aren’t really necessary, and your internet is free or you go to the library, why spend all that time online when you could be looking for a job? If all else fails, spend your time online working, doing freelance writing or being a ChaCha rep or something.

I guess this just falls in the overall category of “shit that people bitch about even though they don’t use the power they have to change the situation.” Cut it the fuck out world.

9 comments on “Priorities”

  1. Amen.

  2. Amy

    Though I agree, ChaCha is not the way to go, believe me.

  3. It’s better than complaining about not having money and surfing Youtube all day, right? I mean, I know folks who have made some good money that way and maybe it’s not the best option but it is an option.

  4. I have no money but my internet is paid for by my uni so when I am on it is free :) But I use the internet for my uni course, paid blogging and selling, I get what you are on about people need to go back to the basics, get rid of things they don’t need…

  5. Just wanted to add I can’t get a job that’s why I do paid blogging as I’m a full-time uni student with having to travel 4 hours a day… sucks :(

  6. @Damita: But you also don’t complain about not having money for, say, food!

  7. @Cole: Ha ha I could start but I would never not budget for food or bills :P

  8. @Damita: Exactly. Cause you’re not a dumb ho.

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