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Jan 24

Playing With Stuff

I’ve been playing with some things along the site. You may noticed a few broken links fixed here and there. Also, I’m beginning to implement breadcrumbs to make the site navigation more friendly. You can see a working example of this in the sex information section. Because of this, whole directories are being moved and while you shouldn’t experience any errors, let me know if you do.

If you ever link back to the site, link back to the index ( as pages and directories will move, be renamed, or be deleted throughout the life of this site. It will always be posisble to just navigate from the start page to a specific page, as long as it exists and implementing breadcrumbs will only further ease this process.

I’ve added a couple pages and edited some here and there as well. As I’m working, the site is easing toward transition to the new layout and WordPress. Keep your eyes open. Happy surfing!

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