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Mar 15

Play with Me!

Let’s depart from snobbish posts and, instead, be fun.

Since getting my new phone, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. I’ve been especially playing games, many of which didn’t work on my old phone. I love social games, and I’d love if you play with me.

If you’re already my Facebook friend, you’ll see my playing these games.

  1. Songpop
  2. Dice with Buddies
  3. Family Feud and Friends
  4. Uno Friends
  5. Lucky Wheel for Friends

You can also play many of these on Facebook, so you don’t necessarily need a smartphone.

2 comments on “Play with Me!”

  1. I used to play Songpop. I rather enjoyed it. I don’t play any Facebook games anymore though.

    I tried out that Guess the 90’s game, but after a few turns it was just kind of lame to me.

    UNO is always fun :D

  2. I remember playing Songpop with you, I think. Guess the 90s was fucking lame. I played it once, then quit.

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