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Apr 22

Pill-z likes the pills

but I do not.

Currently, I have 3 prescriptions: a sleep aid to help prevent headaches, a painkiller to stop headaches and birth control. I could never swallow pills before and the day I was able to take Advil was miraculous; it signified an end of the unbearable headache era and I was happy.

But now, I feel quite like a pill popper. Instead of a few Advils here and there, it’s at least one pill daily plus pain killers as needed. I say at least because I really don’t take the sleep aid anymore, but that was supposed to be daily as well. It’s really not all that much, it just seems like it because I’ve lived without them for so long. And I’m not even taking a vitamin or anything, even though I know I should.

However, this is not about how I am an addict (Kidding about that last bit); this is about my current birth control pill. I was given Ortho-tri-cyclen and couldn’t start it anyway because my period eluded me that month.

On O-T-C, I experienced worsened headaches, spotting, acne and cramps. I was willing to give it several months but since I’d already had headaches, Family Planning wanted my doctor’s suggestion and he suggest Progestin-only BC so when I went in to refill my prescription, I started Ortho Micronor and the headaches, as well as every other side effect, disappeared!

However, in order for Tricare to cover my BC, they must call it in to a pharmacy and they prefer that I use a generic version. Family Planning had no problem with that so, I started my third month and my third type of BC around a week ago. This time, we’re going with Errin and to hell with what the FDA says about generics being the same – I’m not too fond of it, already.

This last week has been acne laden and the past few days have been cramp-filled. Did I mention that I’m spotting again? Yay. No headaches which is a plus and since I already have another pack for next month, too, I’ll just deal with these and see if the side effect lighten up. Otherwise, it’s back to Micronor for me and fuck the insurance company.

More than I’m sure most of you needed to hear, but I’m really not having an easy time of this. -sigh*

Don’t even get my started on my stove. (I’ll probably go into that later.)

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