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Jul 05


This last week or so has been pretty hectic. I took the bus up to Wausau so I could attend my aunt’s wedding reception (they were married in November) and wound up doing most of the work because it was so poorly planned and her husband doesn’t help with anything. Unfortunately, that didn’t leave any extra time for me to spend with Samantha but we did spend the reception together and she is as adorable as ever.

I had signed the lease on Thursday and spent some time checking out my apartment, making phone calls and getting lunch and was almost late getting to the Greyhound station because I just missed the city bus getting there but I had a few minutes to spare and we actually didn’t leave until well after 3 (the bus was supposed to leave at 2:30) because we had to wait for people at the Amtrak station. he bus made good time even though it stopped at 5 or so different cities along the way and the trip was uneventful, for the most part.

Friday and Saturday morning I helped with the reception and Saturday evening it went off, with quite a few “hitches.” Who in their right mind has a reception 30 miles from anywhere (And whether or not Stratford counts as a place is doubtful at that!) and then forgets to bring stuff for her own reception which results in forcing her brother and nieces to drive back to her place to fetch them which takes at least 45 minutes each way? Anyway, minus some family drama and the fact that my aunt’s husband’s family looked super trashy and no one really showed up, it was okay.. I guess.

Sunday I skipped out on their gift opening party and spent time with Robyn, Wendy and Ashley at the fair although it was boring and super hot. Fair food is super yummy, though! Maybe it’s just because I’m growing older or perhaps the fair really is going downhill, but we were all disappointed with it.

Mnoday was the moving day and we started off later so we didn’t arrive in Rapids until late afternoon. Liz and Tom’s coworker, Shane, agreed to help us move. More or less, we made it to Milwaukee with ease and packed the U-haul up fine, despite the fact that Tom is old and drives super slow.

But the unpacking is another story. Thought they call is the 3rd floor, my apartment is actually on the 4th and Tom wouldn’t back the U-haul up the alley next to the building so we could use the back door which is much closer to my apartment. Needless to say, an already difficult task became nearly impossible and 2 hours later we were still hauling stuff up. That is, until they left me by myself to finish the job. Yup, with everything in the front hall, they up and deserted me. Nice, huh?

It took another 30 minutes to an hour to get the last of it up the stairs and I was exhausted. My arms and legs are still killing me and I also gashed myself nicely on the finger while carrying in one of the last boxes.

Luckily, I found out my refridgerator didn’t work, too! But they replaced it this morning and yesterday Becky helped me rearrange the furniture so it’s more or less how I want it. I have books and movies to unpack but the rest will have to wait until I buy a desk or until it can go into the basement storage.

So I’m sore, exhausted and disappointed in many people and things, as well as still unemployed, but alive and on my own.. again. Yay?

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