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Jun 19

Phew! That was Close!

I’ve got most of the content section up – save for the fonts and card games sections. the former I will need to complete redo as I’ve lost all files (including images and zip files) and the latter can be retrieved with some difficulty.

In the process, I added a few articles and links in the antiwar articles section.

I swear, I will make back ups from now on! As soon as I finish getting everything back into place, that’s my goal!

If it weren’t for the Internet Archive, MSN search and the script which I use for searches(Fluid Dynamics Search Engine), I would be out a lot of content. I definitely do not want to go through this again. Perhaps it’s time to take Rian’s advice and add back the delete confirmation option in Filezilla.

I did update the poll not too long ago – not sure if I let you all know. Go check it out. Rian says it’s very boring and I agree. Suggestions are welcome.

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