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Feb 11


This whole rebuilding the site thing is taxing, even though I have most of my content. (A few files have been empty or corrupt, though, which has not been fun). I’ve completed almost everything in the me section as well as the entire site section (save for an upcoming site map). Tomorrow I will upload the rest of the photos, I think. Maybe “hope” is a better word.

5 comments on “Phew!”

  1. Dez

    Looking forward to it. Your site is one of the most “about me” than any site I know of. And I love it. I wish I would have thought to do something like that.

  2. @Dez: Once I get content up, the “me” section will really pale in comparison. -chuckles-

    But it’s not creative, really. I just still do what everyone did like 5 years ago.

  3. I really like how it’s coming out. I have to say I love how much content you have. I recently stripped all my content out and combined it all into one page but then seeing something like this makes me want to make multiple pages again!

  4. @Caity: Aww. Thanks a lot!

  5. CJ

    Yeah, site designing can take up hoursss and hourrsss of your time. its fun though.!

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