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Jul 26

Phantom’s Box

According to “The Internet,” you should include photos in your blog, possibly at least one photo in each post. Now, that sort of seems like overkill to me but you know I’m all about the words (AKA I’m a wordy bitch) but I figured it couldn’t hurt to improve your day with some cat shots. After all, my friends looove when I send all sorts of cat images to their phones!

Phantom's Box
So, this is Phantom’s box. I call it Phantom’s box because Phantom loves it. I’m so creative, I know!

Phantom’s box originally contained a shipment of Pure Romance goodies for review. The packaging was pretty and smart, consisting of crimped strips of paper and tissue paper. I temporarily left the box on the floor and, before I knew it, Phantom decided it was his bed. When I’d go to bed, he’d come into the room and crawl into his, a tiny ball surrounded by pink.

It remained Phantom–and only Phantom’s–bed for a while until Goliath discovered it. Then it became sort of warped, the sides flexing outward at the weight of his bulk. Goliath will sometimes sleep next to the box when Phantom is in it or they’ll have a licking-turned-fighting moment where Goliath will take over the box.

Phantom hasn’t been in his box as much lately. He likes my new bedding but, last night, I woke up and he was there again so I think I’ll keep it around.

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  1. Too cute!

  2. Awww so cute!!

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