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Apr 22

Phantom is a Freak

So, if you have cats, they probably like to drink from tubs and sinks and puddles and God-knows-where-else even if the water dish is overflowing. I even have a friend whose cat will only drink straight from the tap so she keeps it dripping all the time.

Thus, I wasn’t surprised when I pulled back the shower curtain to see Phantom come waltzing up. I figured he was there to drink the tub water (eww, anyway). I was toweling myself off in the tub, as I like to do my dripping there and not on the rug when I feeel…


On my thigh. Shower and a bath. Thanks!

5 comments on “Phantom is a Freak”

  1. Dez

    When Leo was a puppy he would do the same thing. Now days he leaves me the hell alone thankfully. Can’t recall a cat doing it though.

  2. lol this is cute & funny! haha I love cats

  3. Cats are bunch of weirdos, I think that’s why Claire likes them so much.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog. OMG, My cat’s name is Phantom too. I thought it was unique, lol.

  5. I wanted something different for my kitty. Great minds think alike?

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