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Nov 24

People Are Rude

Today I went to do laundry and some woman has 6 out of the 8 washers full. EXCUSE ME? To make matter worse, she had them in random machines so I had to open them all to find which ones were empty and some of them only have a handful of items in them. So I put my one load in, go back for another..

Then when I go to put everything in the dryers, they’re ALL taken. Now, if I was using 2 and she was using 6 that means she used all the dryers! Seriously, bitch! Other people need to fucking dryers.

So I had to leave my wet laundry in the basket and came back to put up some shelves and clean but.. there were stupid people sitting all over the front steps. Move people. You’re in my effing way.

PS, I’ll see everyone tomorrow!

One comment on “People Are Rude”

  1. That’s so un-called for, there should be a limit per customer. And or if they want to use more they have to fork out extra cash.

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