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Aug 05

Part II

hearing: Heather Nova – Gloomy Sunday
feeling: tired/horny/sore
wanting: Rian

So I talked to Randy yesterday, and it really was him. We discussed how Patricia stole his MSN account, how their marriage was doomed from the getgo, an “incident” and he confessed the both of them to have their psycho “moments.” It seems they’re both victims and criminals to themselves and eachother. Sad. People do deserve happiness but no one said marriage – or life, for that face – was easy.

Onto another topic, something has piqued my interest in BDSM and D/s again so I’ll probably be spending more time focusing on that and hopefully expanding my knowledge and myself as an individual.

Have a few layout ideas but i’m currently working on the sex section. Time flies more when I work on the site than during any other internet activity so it takes a lot of motivation for me to sit down and work on a few pages. Plus, it’s difficult to organize my thoughts.

The fair is in town and I want to go to a few concerts plus attend wristband day on Sunday which will work out since I have Saturday off.

Rian is now in Japan and I miss him already! I hope communication isn’t too severely severed but I guess we’ll see. )=

Another cashier at work has been telling people about “Poor Nicole” who just married and her husband is “so mean” to her. -lmfao* Poor abused me, eh? I think she just misunderstood when I was talking about Tim being an asshole but, still, she has no right to talk about my personal life amongst others, especially at work and when I work with family members, who knows what will travel at the speed of sound. I’ll try to talk to her tonight, if she’s working.

anyway, I’m tired and since one of the concerts I want to see is tonight, I should sleep.

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