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Mar 16

Over, Under, Around and Through

So I’m tying up loose ends before my trip. I packed most of my clothes but a lot of things I’ll use tomorrow yet. I finished most of my cleaning as well and my last day of work was today. I’ve been trying to use up most of the fresh foods but still have one roast that we haven’t been able to use and will probably go to waste, especially because there’s a small chance they may move us while I’m gone.

I just sent out the mail including my credit card bill which is quite low after this last payment so I have a nice cushion if I spend more than I intend to in Wausau.

I’m also trying to finish online things like icon requests and the pictures section of this site. I’ll be able to work on the site at Mom’s but not anything graphic related.

I spent several hours tonight at a Partylite party hosted by a friend of mine. Most of the other ladies there wound up being wives of men who work with Ryan, coincidentally. Partylite has a lot of nice stuff but the prices can be steep, especially when you can find them on Ebay for so much cheaper which I think I will do.

Speaking of Ebay, I purchased some sunglasses in late January and they’re not here yet. There were some communication issues with the seller and they were not mailed off until the 25 of February but that’s been some time and unless Ryan happened to get them in the mail earlier today, I’ll not have them for my entire break with is ridiculous. Every time we’re outside in the sun I say something like “You know what would be awesome right now? Sunglasses” which I’m sure Ryan is sick of hearing.

Tomorrow will be mostly relaxing – trying to spend as much time as possible with Ryan, lunch with a friend to give her baby presents, packing, the last of the cleaning and a load of laundry.

I can’t believe I leave so soon!

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