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Jul 10

On the Issue of SB 206

It’s not often that something affects me so deeply that I cry angry tears. It’s not often that I have to blog about things for fear that I might strangle people with their rosaries, but here were are.

While I was preparing for and spending 4 glorious but hot days in Minnesota, the politicians back in my own home were passing a bill that would mandate ultrasounds for women who want abortions. Not only that, but a provision that abortion providers must be located within certain distance from a hospital to which the clinic can admit patients.

Most of my home state is pretty rural. In fact, we have very few Planned Parenthood clinics, and these are some of the only places where you can get an abortion in Wisconsin. There are only three cities that even have  clinics that perform abortions, among other family planning services. I have access to another family planning clinic in my home town, but I’d have to drive over an hour for an abortion.

Thanks to SB 206, I’ll be required to drive three or more hours for an abortion. There are no more clinic north of Madison. That’s 70% of the state.  At this point, I would likely be subjected to a vaginal ultrasound and, thanks to this bill, my doctor would be required to describe the features of the fetus.

While I was away having fun, the GOP and Governor Walker were working together to tear apart my state. I cannot imagine what the thought process is like. Did something so horrible occur to these people that they hate women? Are they simply too ignorant to realize how misogynistic these laws are? Are members of the GOP so sheltered that they truly do not understand the consequences of their actions?

I have no idea. I also had no idea it was happening. In ten short days, this bullshit all passed through senate. As soon as I found out, I found a couple petitions against SB 206.

I signed them, and so should you.

Because this is ridiculous. It’s in direct conflit with Roe V Wade. It’s sexist. It’s the patriarchy trying to control my life, literally, from the inside out.

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