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May 18

Om Noms

I.. don’t love to cook, but I like to eat and I like food that is tasty. My sort-of-interest has led to a recipe collection. First, they cluttered up my bookmarks. Then, I moved them to AllRecipes, but I tend to forget about them there (oops!). More recently, I’ve been repinning recipes on Pinterest.


  • I quite liked this “brunch casserole” and I think it’s spectacular for any mean. It was easy enough and filling. I used half the eggs, because I ran out, but I still needed to cook it about twice as long as the recipe suggested for it to be done enough.
  • I’ll need to pay more attention when I made these oven-roasted potatoes. My bacon was probably a bit too done. The whole thing seems a little salty and hurt my mouth.
  • I tried these baked cheese balls, but it seems like you need a vary specific type of cheese (and heat?!) for it to work.
  • These crack potatoes? I’m not addicted. They were okay the first time around, but reheated far too salty.
  • I loved the taco bake, however. I’ve done something similar with chicken. I let everyone know how much I loved it!
  • This creamy, cheese corn makes for a great side and lasts quite a while.
  • I swapped the pepperoni for Canadian bacon for these pizza crescent rolls. Easy snack. Kid-friendly, too. I imagine you could add in some veggies, if you like, or use sausage, instead.

The to-do list this week includes two other recipes: corn casserole and crispy cheddar chicken. For some reason, looking at all the recipes I’ve tried makes me feel accomplished.

5 comments on “Om Noms”

  1. I’ll definitely be trying out the pizza crescent rolls! SO SIMPLE! And I definitely enjoy all ingredients involved ^_^

  2. @Mika — Stupidly simple. I gobbled mine up. Easy to add a little pizza sauce, too!

  3. Wow yum some of those look fantastic! I am quite addicted to finding recipes on Pinterest too.

  4. Dez

    I love the taco bake, except I’ve never used crescent rolls. Wonder how different it would taste.

  5. @Dez: I don’t think they add a lot in terms of taste, just texture.

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