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Dec 16

Oh noes! Crows!

I awoke today to the sound of one of our “epic” crows cawing and it was quite loud. Loud enough, in fact, that I wondered if he was in the house. Actually my exact thoughts were “Oh my god! Is the patio door shut? Did a crow get in?”

So I get up and go to check but stop at the living room door because, really, if a crow did find its way in, what the hell am I going to do about it? Shut the door and go back to the bedroom until Rian gets home and it kills him? -chuckles- I don’t want to be flapped to death or eaten or pooped on or anything.

Anyway, I listened to him for a while and peaked out the patio doors to see that he was on the balcony and one door was shut, so that meant no killer crows for me. However, our doors have 2 (well 2.5, really) “layers” of doors – it’s most annoying – and Rian only ever shuts the door on the inside which explains why Mr Crow was so loud.

Too bad I don’t have a picture of our epic crows to post here. )=

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