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Jul 23

Oh, hi

Still here? Me, too. Just counting down the days until I can see my husband. I haven’t mentioned much because, in some ways, the coming of the end almost came upon me suddenly. Not that I want to put it off. I’m so over this deployment crap.

And the being alone crap but I had a bit of a reprieve when Jenn and I (and Matthew!) had lunch at TFI Fridays on Sunday. We also stopped at Petsmart, oohed and aahed over the kitties and I finally got something to keep the kitty food in. Phantom has yet to figure out how to chew through/open the container. ;)

Also, Phantom how has his own Twitter account. >_>

2 comments on “Oh, hi”

  1. I can’t imagine how hard it must be not to see your husband for long periods of time.

  2. Wow I give you so much credit. I’d never be able to go for long periods of time without my husband. You must be so strong. <3

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