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Mar 04

Oh, hello there!

I don’t even know the last time I blogged here. To be honest, I don’t know the last time I sat down and had a little time for myself. While part of me — the old me who is afraid of change — wants to say that I need time to be alone and relax, I’m really not feeling anxiety like I did last year. In fact, if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know that I think 2013 is pretty awesome and I’ve been having a good time.

I’ve been more social in this past week or so than I ever have in my life, I think. February was full of movies, restaurants and bars, but the beginning of March has included cuddles on my couch, game and movie nights, drinking with friends, catching up with family, reconnecting with old friends and general entertaining. There’s been very little time for me to even sleep, but I don’t seem to mind. I get up in the morning way before I expect to and am so excited for my day.

Someone suggested that is almost seems like I go through sl0w-motion manic-depressive states. In hindsight, this doesn’t necessarily seem untrue. I am on a really high high at this moment. I know it’s not sustainable, but it’s also not dangerous, and I am okay with that. Even my lows haven’t been quite so horrible, and I know I’ll fly through them, too. In the meantime, here’s a list of what you need to know about my life:

  • Boys want me but they can’t have me because..
  • Something romantic is in the works
  • My friends are hilarious
  • And they think I am, too, even when I’m drunk
  • Pizza at two o’clock in the morning is awesome
  • Sometimes a broken lamp is the price of admission
  • Spring needs to come soon!
  • The cats needs to chill out
  • I hate the laundry room appliances here
  • I am more comfortable with myself than I’ve ever been
  • Cuddles are awesome!
  • I really need to stop playing Candy Crush Saga. At first, it was boring. Now it’s an addiction.

2 comments on “Oh, hello there!”

  1. Spring needs to come soon!
    I concur!

    The cats needs to chill out.
    Ours do, too, and are about to have their asses duct taped for pooping too much.

    Candy Crush
    You, too??? You weird people with your Facebook games… =P

  2. A broken lamp is the price of admission? What could it mean??

    It’s really bad when games you initially find boring become addictions. It’s strange and evil.


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