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Nov 26

Not Enough Hours In the Day

I’ve spent somewhere around 10 hours, on and off, working on the site. Who knew there was so much to do?

But this brings you a whole lot of new updates!

You can try your hand at the guest and win activities: movie dialogue, lyric and font. On your way, visit the rest of the interactive content or take a survey!

You can also download the new song of the moment (“Zombie” by The Cranberries) or take your pick of festive Livejournal icons which I’ve just added in time for the Christmas season!

Take a quick look at the section about me to see what information has been updated if you’re a stalker or just curious. I’ve finally gotten around to updating pictures of me and those I love to be sure to check those out.

As always, you can download fonts
and adoptables from the font section and check out the services I offer for you such as POP3 and free “Her Ream” e-mail as well as a visitor’s choice site contest (nominate your favourite blogger)!

I’ve updated a whole slew of broken images and dead links but if you run across anything, please be sure to report the error.

If you’re a first timer, be sure to bookmark as Her Realm can be found easily in your bookmarks folder with its snazzy new favourite icon! (See on the left of the address bar.)

If you appreciate the work I’ve been doing, you can vote for me by clicking on any of the links toward the right of my site or clicking here to see a whole list. Every blog post and page on this site is equipped for you to easily submit it to your favourite social bookmarking site as well.

Enjoy your stay. Please fly again with us soon.

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