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Nov 08


November is national blog posting month/national novel writing month. I didn’t sign up for either. Can you imagine me writing a novel? But, for whatever reason, I have been writing and blogging a whole lot more anyway. So even though I’m not participating, I’ve been trying to blog every day on all my blogs. Technically, I’ve been successful even though it’s a cheating sort of successful.

It’s interesting, though. Normally, I try to post every three days on each of my blogs. I throw in extra posts, like paid posts on Reviews by Cole, in between. I don’t really count them as entries, I guess. I do this because, as a blog reader, I become inundated pretty quickly. I find is so difficult to follow blogs that update every day, let along several times per day.

But the search engines? Those are an entirely different story. You see, websites that update several times per day really do rank higher. It’s especially noticeably with Alexa. When I’m posting like a madwoman, my rank increases (drops?) like whoa. But that’s crazy. I mean, who really has so much to say that they can put out two or three quality blog posts per day? Chances are, if you’re that person, I have to wade through a lot of crap in order to find something I find interesting. Sorry.

So here’s just one post for the day. Thank you very mucy.

One comment on “NaBloPoMo”

  1. I am updating every day right now for NaBloPoMo but even after NaBloPoMo I update almost every day. It’s funny because with blogs that update every day I can’t even keep up with them either. A lot of the time I’ll write a few blogs in a day and then schedule them to post later on. Does that make me a cheater, too?

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