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Dec 07

My weekend

Friday night I went to Holly’s 18th bday party.. Yes, alcohol and all. I didn’t drink much, mellow yellow for me because I’m not a big alcohol drinker.

I wound up being the beer bitch – everytime someone needed to do something I wound up holding their beer. Oh well, life goes on..

Anyway when we got there (Wenny, Dan, Ashe, Heather, and I) some people were already drunk.. Cody was pissed at his girlfriend or something so he slammed half a bottle of rum and wound up passed out half the night. While he was passed out they moved ihm down to the fire and drew on his face. THey being Holly’s brother and her nephew. Her brother is late early 30’s, late 20’s – how mature. -rme*

Erin was drunk too. Everytime he had a new beer it was like “this is beer # i’m so drunk” While I’m sure he was a little tipsy if I walked around saying I was drunk and being stupid eventually people would believe me too.. Any no one just sobers up.. You’re not durnk one minute and sober the next..

So anywya Cody’s girlfriend was really pissed he did that and I can udnerstand and I think their relationship needs some work and I hope to fuck he doesn’t read this blog entry.

So Heather got a bit drunk and kissed me on the cheek and schmidty was all “keep going.” I’m not sure if he was drinking either, but he was just great. Zer was another one who was drinking – she was all “Cole join my dance party in the garage” and she was the only one dancing. -lol*
Isaac showed up and left like 5 minutes later which I thought was rude.. tHey went to another party but MEgan came back because she said it sucked and eventually Katie and Zer came back too.. They had the bonfire all nice and stuff but no marshmallows )=

Well one of the trees started onfire so a bunch of drunk guys tried to fight it and it was hilarious.
At one point we were standing on the patio and Ashe was beant over slightly b/c she was laughing and Elise was walking toward her or something and thye collided. We heard Elise’s nose crack and she got a cut straight across the bridge. I think the bone broke and it was a clean cut. Now Elise is blaming Ashe and we can’t figure out why she was charging at Ashe in the first place.

People took Holly’s mom liquor and like no one said thsnk you so I made sure I did before we left.
Ashe and Dan spent a lot of time talking to eachother b/c they had a lot in common and that was cool. I think it upset Wenny but she didn’t want it to, but I don’t know really..

So then Ashe spent the night and we talked a bit and she’s not feeling the best over some things. I’m really not sure what I can say though. The enxt day Ashe woke me up but I didn’t wanna get up because my throat was killing em and I barely had a voice, but by last night it was better. We played gaames and watched movies and it was fun.

Her mommy came over and met mine; she saw our animals, too. Then Lary called and we set up when she’d come over to work on our paper and she caleld later because she was lost. Then we were talking and working on our paper and the fucking tree fell down because it was in a bucket and not a tree stand; the trunk was too wide to fit. So Lary held the tree while mom sawed off some and we forced it into the stand but it wasn’t standing so we caleld Bill to see if they had any ploywood and they did but that wouldn’t help. We wound up sawing off more of the turnk which made it even worse and decided we needed a new stand because ours sucks. Then Bill brought over an old stand but it didn’t have screws and ours wouldn’t fit so Lary drove mom to shopko and her car was being stupid. -laughs* It was hilarious.. Anyway they got back and we put up the tree and Tom shows up. We finally get it all good and LAry goes home. Tim wakes up after all this and surprisingly we didn’t break anything. However when I was redecorating the tree

I accidently broke one of the icycles I bought for mom last year. Arg.

Anyway today I woke up feeling like this and I can’t breathe. I watched I am Sam and it was so sad. I need ot go finish that paper now.

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