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Aug 29

My thoughts on humanity

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I could begin by saying “People are stupid” and many of you would agree with me. Someone might see this and regard me as callous and click away. There would probably be a few different thoughts but if I don’t elaborate, for the most part, it really won’t make anyone think.

Let me start by saying that by using the word “stupid” I don’t necessarily mean unintelligent or uneducated. Rather, I’m using the word as an umbrella term which may include those dictionary definitions but also includes thoughtlessness, pettiness, a lack of common sense, and any other characteristic which makes me cringe and dislike humanity as a whole and/or individuals. So, people do things which I don’t like and for the ease of this post, we will call them stupid, regardless of whether or not that’s really fair or accurate. I don’t care.

The first instance where the stupidity of people really started to sink in, occurred online. I visit a community which is basically split up into two sections. Now, there were two community “events” planned, one for each side, and they happened to be planned for the same day. To make a long story short, the BDSM discussion was canceled and some toes were trampled. Why? I don’t know. There were 2 events with plenty more days open on which to schedule them but there was a huge lack of communication between both sides, obviously. To me it seems that, with such a small community, you’d want to have as large a turnout as possible and in order to do that you would have to not divide the populace by having schedule conflicts. This was painfully obvious to me, so I said so and, in turn, it inspired a bunch of responses about how both sides were so separate and different and responses about how both sides were pathetically the same, only under different guises. Fucking rawr. It’s a simple concept: make every event as accessible to the masses as possible so that it will be more successful. It shouldn’t have been so complicated and I don’t know whether it was some strange sort of pride or just pettiness which made it result in such a mess.

The second example, is more of a series of observations, also online. At a forum I visit (although not so frequently as much), there’s generally a fair amount of new posts but while I may click through 7 or 8 pages, I might make only 1 or 2 posts. This is due to the fact that most of the posts are either pictures of members, plugs of their sites, or absolute meaningless drivel which leaves absolutely no way or reason to reply which won’t be even more of a waste of time than the original post (copies of online/phone convos, posts about what the member will be wearing to the first day of school, forum text games, “which do you like better” posts, and so on). Why do people waste their time with these meaningless posts? At Lavish, there was a post about the teeny bopper forums and I was a bit offended and thought “At least they’re active” but now I think I’d take a slightly less active board with more meaningful posts (and some slightly pretentious members) over this shit any day.

Let me also give you some examples that occurred offline. Of course, right now my relationship with some members of my family is very tense and uncomfortable. It’s the worst with Tim because he has decided to be all high and mighty and exact some sort of petty vengeance because he is angry/hurt/what have you about something I did (which I admit was a mistake) but was not directly about him. That’s right, he’s pissed off about something which was not about him and was not directed at him. To make matters worse, he assumes that other members of the family are lying/gossiping to me about them (him and Mom), which they aren’t, and they both proceeded to tell off the entire family. Great. Just fucking great. Be a little more pathetic will you? Can your ego get any bigger?

Finally, I will leave you with a story about a girl I know and I will call her a friend but, lately, she’s done some things which don’t appear to be very smart. We had been closer in high school but she went through a couple foster homes and God-knows-what and we lost contact, until recently. We hang out a bit and I was a bit annoyed with her behaviour, which hadn’t much changed since Freshman year. Anyway, she was engaged and has recently married. However, she kept dropping hints about someone and she told me she couldn’t tell me in front of her now husband. Fine. Later, in the bathroom at the restaurant, she tells me how she was drunk and slept with some guy, only a few days after she got married! WTF! To make it even more dramatic, her husband fucked his ex the day before their wedding.. Really, now. It’s stupid kids like that which make people frown upon young adults getting married! She’s already talking about an annulment and all I can think is “Then why did you get married in the first place?”

Ugh. And this ends my rant about humanity, for now.

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