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Jul 21

My Sister Loves Me This Much

Yea, it sounds a little bit like a cup or a t-shirt but I’m not entirely sure that she wouldn’t buy me one. My little sister simply idolizes me. How much?

  • Her favorite color is pink because my favorite color is pink.
  • I had my hair cut so she had her hair cut.
  • She plays games because I play them.
  • She borrows my stuffies because they smell like me.
  • And returns then when they stop smelling like me.
  • She texts/calls/IMs me multiple times a day.
  • She sobs every time we part from one another.
  • Her hugs never end.

Sure, it’s cute. It’s also a bit suffocating. My life is so hard.

One comment on “My Sister Loves Me This Much”

  1. Aw it’s always nice to have a sister who looks up to you, so cute :)

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