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Jan 01

My Needy Phone Carrier

Virgin Mobile likes to send me a million updates to let me know when my bill is due. Every month is goes like this.


  • I receive two texts — from different numbers — that my bill is due ten days prior.
  • I receive an email stating the same.
  • I receive an email three days before my bill is due to remind me again.
  • I receive two texts three days before — from different senders.
  • I receive a text on the night before my bill resets, letting me know it does so at midnight.
  • I get a text when I pay my bill.
  • I receive an email the day after telling me that if I haven’t paid my bill, it is late.

I mean, this is excessively ridiculous. What the fuck.

I don’t think that this is a healthy relationship.

3 comments on “My Needy Phone Carrier”

  1. Wow. Virgin Mobile is like a stalker boyfriend. T-Mobile is pretty decent… no phone calls unless the bill is a week or more overdue, lol.

  2. @Jenn: I’m sure it’s because it’s prepaid and people probably forget/slack off more than with a contract. I just wish I had a teensy bit more space. LOL

  3. Whoa that’s ridiculous. I just get one email with my statement in it. Josh has a prepaid phone because he prefers it but he just won’t have any service unless he loads more money onto it.

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