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Oct 06

My Month Without TV

Actually, it was more like a month and a half and it wasn’t by my choice. It was interesting, nonetheless.

My TV broke. And it sucked. I was watching it and accidentally turned it off. It didn’t turn off the right way. It wouldn’t turn back on. I had to ind a way to get it out of here and then buy a new one. In the mean time, I learned some things.

  • TV really is a good way to veg out sometimes. It’s distracting.
  • It also provides background noise in the middle of the night that helps a person to feel less isolated.
  • But sometimes the stuff that’s on really isn’t any better than watching nothing at all.
  • Streaming Netflix is a God send. I watched a ton of it–mostly Family Guy–but my computer just isn’t very high quality.
  • I can’t do anything on the computer if I am also watching a show or movie on it.
  • A TV can serve as a central decorating point that pulls a room together. Without it, everything looks bare.
  • Daily/weekly shows are fun to watch. They’re reassuring.
  • Season premieres are exciting.
  • I go a little stir crazy after not having a TV.
  • Yet, having a TV isn’t a make it or break it deal, really. I am excited to have one again but I more used to not having one than I realized. I use it a lot less now.
  • TV can make me restless in an anxious way.

4 comments on “My Month Without TV”

  1. I didn’t even own a TV when we had our apartment. I don’t think I will again for a long time. I like the internet much more. I read my news online and if there are shows I want to see there are sites where you can watch them (even legally)!

  2. I’ve never gone without an actual TV, but Andrew and I didn’t have cable service in our house in Morgantown for a good 6 months. It just wasn’t worth it. We never turned the thing on, we were just paying $100+ a month to watch it maybe two or three days. We’ve always had a computer hooked up to our main TV, and that’s really all we need.

    Like you said, I’ve realized how little I want to watch it when it’s not there. Now I watch even less, really only once a week to catch up on stuff online. TV does make you kind of antsy.

  3. I definitely watch it less now but I love to have the option at least. I have a really good deal with DirecTV right now so I jumped to sign up a few months back. I think I was almost more worried about paying for that while my TV was broken. d=

    I can’t hook up my old ass computer to my TV, though. )=

  4. Wow a whole month without telly, I would miss my telly so much, I am impressed :)

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