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Jul 12

My First Time Was a Slight Disappointment

This weekend I attended my first geek convention. Wausau held its first ever convention — WausabiCon — over the weekend. It was a small gathering that didn’t have much advertising so the turn out was low. This is probably a good thing because, for the most part, there weren’t many panels or activities. Now, I don’t say this to be mean. It’s just getting started and it did give me a chance to get a feel for just what conventions are. It’s kind of hard to understand the whole thing on paper and, to be honest, even on paper, most conventions look pretty lame.

I purchased an awesome pair of striped, furzy cat ears, though, and my disappointment was without a price. There was never anyone at registration so I wandered around for free on Saturday and when the roommate went on Sunday, she did the same. Even though my time in the dealers room was cut short, I didn’t really see a point in going back a second day. Like I said, there wasn’t much there.

On the plus side, this makes me even more excited for Chicago ComicCon next month and perhaps even Daisho Con later in the year. Although WausaubiCon definitely leaned toward the anime side of things (I did attend a super interesting panel on Yaoi), I’m hoping either of those will be more balanced Still, it’s awesome to be among like-minded individuals. There was a fairly cute Doctor, with whom I took a picture (I looked awful, gah!).

So, while it didn’t blow my mind, it did open my eyes.

4 comments on “My First Time Was a Slight Disappointment”

  1. I’ve not had a chance to go yet, but I’ve heard good things about: It seems to appeal to make varieties of geek.

  2. That was actually one of the ones I was looking up when I was determining where we’d go this year.

  3. I’ve never been to a con, but Andrew says every year he’d like to go to BlizzCon. I think maybe one of these years we’ll go to one, some pretty good ones come to DC.

  4. Never been to a con, I would love to ComicCon next year..

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