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Aug 01

My Day

So i went to the fair with my friends as planned. It had been raining this morning, but had cleared off my afternoon. My cousin Ginger tagged along, and this worked but didn’t. It evened the numbers so whenever someone wanted to go on a ride they always had someone, but this meant that we often got split up, which did not work so well.

We spent most of the time looking for people. MY feet are killing me =\.

Ashley did not have enough money to get in, so I wound up paying some of hers. She also ate most of my elephant ear, annnnd drank most of my mt dew. -le sigh* She is, of course, my best friend.

I did see many of my friends and it was nice. It was showering on and off, and on some of the rides that was nice. However, you’d think people are allergic to a little H2O. It was crazy. For the most part I was out in it as much as possible.

We were split up almost the entire time. Towards the end ginger and Christina went to ride the fire ball and I was with the other four. We spent 40 minutes in the rain. At first it was light, but theeeeeennnn it started pouring. It was no fun anymore.

We also got split up when Nikki, Ginger, Karissa (Nikki’s sister), and I went to Nikki’s car to get all their sweatshirts. Oh, and we also tripped out to her car (Ashley, Christina, and I) to drop off Ashley’s purse. Ha.

Christina Ginger and I got split up when I was playing games and the rest went to get food. We wandered off so I could get a mt dew and then we got some cheesecake on a stick (YUMMY!)!! And we met up on the tornado.

Which was our last ride I believe. Christina and Ashley went on another one, we were going to go on the ferris wheel, but it was shut down, probably cause of the weather. That’s when Christina and Ginger disappeared.

I also have an ear splitting headache from all the blood rushing to my head being upside down on the fireball, but on the bright side I did get my money’s worth for the wrist band and I got to ride the bears. (=

when I got home mom was looking for the cat. She said it was outside cause she heard it by the laundry room window. Pesky, was locked in the dryer!

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