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Oct 13

My Body, the Stranger

For whatever reason, random body parts are all sensitive right now. My lips even feel a little funny. I know it’s probably related to the fact that I’m a female with all the parts that entails but I really have never been all the observant when it comes to my own body; things on the outside are an entirely different story, though. Some women notice the slightest thing and know it’s right on time with their cycle. They recognize that seemingly unrelated issues like a headache could be due to hormone balance but I was never that way. I never had any idea where I am in my cycle.

It’s not just that; I’m pretty oblivious to things unrelated to having a uterus. I don’t really pay attention to how food or medicine affects me. The only thing I do tend to notice is how I feel when I need sleep (cranky, hot) or when the weather is extreme. I guess I don’t always put two and two together when it comes to my own body because I’m too busy paying attention to other things. It amazes me how well other people do know their bodies but I have more important things to do.

One comment on “My Body, the Stranger”

  1. I don’t really pay my body that much attention, I know when I am ovulating and that is about it :P

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