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Jun 06

My Birthday Party Was All Right

Saturday evening, I invited a few friends over to play games and have a lowkey birthday bash. I was worried it would be too boring for people, but it wound up being quite fun. A smaller group of us went out to dinner beforehand, and I enjoyed some food from Olive Garden. We retired to my place, where we played several rounds of a game called celebrities, which I found online. Everyone liked it more than I figured, and it was funny to see glimpse into how people thought. We enjoyed some snack foods and a movie–Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Everyone left at a different time–and not everyone who I invited could show up–but it was good nonetheless.

There were no presents or alcohol, but that’s okay with me. There was a little cop-pulling-one-of-my-friends incident, but that seemed to resolve itself. All in all, a success.

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