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May 08

My 6 Favorite TV Geeks

Adam Savage, Mythbusters
It’s not that I don’t love Jamie, but Adam is so open with his love with Indiana Jones, explosions and science. It’s endearing, to say the least, and adds an approachable touch to the science reality show, which is probably why the fans like it so much. Well, that and the explosions.

Marshall, Alias

Marshall, Alias
I really wish Abrams hadn’t tired of Alias. I liked it far better than Lost. For those of you who don’t know, Marshall was the nerdy gadget creator — kind of like Q is for Bond. H was an uber nerd, and this was before geeks really hit the mainstream, but he was adorable, awkward and excitable — just like I like them! Some might even call him a woobie. Remember when they made you think he was dead? I watched one more episode, found out it was a CIA ploy and decided I would keep watching. Otherwise? I would have stopped right there.
McAbby, NCIS
I just can’t split up McGee and Abby, even though they haven’t been dating for like 7 years in the series. The thing is, they’re both geeky solo, but when you combine their powers, it’s some sort of uber geek with four hands to hack your network. We’re talking to you DoD! I have such a crush on both of them but I love them so much that I never feel jealousy over the other one.


Hardison, Leverage
Leverage doesn’t have the huge following of other shows, but it’s clever. It’s like a modern-day RobinHood, if the band of Merry Men were previously thieves. Hardison is a tried and true computer hacker/MMO geek, but he’s not awkward — nor is he white. It’s not a distinction that I make negatively. I just like seeing the geek be someone other than a white male, you know? Geeks some in all shapes and sizes and Hardison is proof of this. Plus, he just seems like a cool guy to hang out with.
Daniel Jackson, Stargate
Daniel Jackson is the geek love of my life. The archaeologist adds compassion and emotion to the Stargate series, which might otherwise feels too militaristic. He is part of the reason I stayed with the series for so long. He is definitely one of my most long-lasting and consistent character crushes.


Logan, Dark Angel
Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo and Michael Weatherly as Logan are two completely different characters. If you’ve never seem him playing a geek, you’re missing out. It’s amazing what a little facial hair and a pair of glasses can do for a man’s geek cred, honestly. I loved and lusted over him hardcore — for en entire season and a half. He was perfectly vulnerable and he left such an impression on me! It’s no wonder Jessica Alba fell for him (at least, for a while). I think I will rewatch the show just for Logan!

So, who would you put on your own list?

2 comments on “My 6 Favorite TV Geeks”

  1. I like the geeks on your list (except McGee and Abby, but that’s because I’ve never watched NCIS), but I really LOVE Logan from Dark Angel.

    I would also add: Jim Parsons and Sheldon on TBBT. I know some people like the other dudes better or find Sheldon to be conceited, but I think it’s a part of his obliviousness and all apart of his charm.

    Alyson Hannigan as Willow on Buffy. Hello, hot lesbian computer geek!

    I think I would call Tina Fey as Liz Lemmon on 30 Rock a geek, or at least a nerd, and I love her.

    I think my absolute favorite “real life” geek is Bill Nye. That dude made science cool like no other!

  2. @Cori That’s the reason I didn’t add Sheldon. He’s fun to watch but I’d hate hanging out with him and, for some reason, that bugs me. I LOVE Tina Fey but I don’t watch 30 Rock. Similarly, I’m not much info Buffy.

    I’ve been considering doing other geeks list in the future, too.

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