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Dec 18

more questions and stuff

Well I know have an hour and a half off at the end of every day because I dropped calc. I wasn’t doing well, but I know I could have done well if I’d put any effort into it. I didn’t try and I feel as though I let myself (and Roch) down just walking out the easy way; however, I do feel relieved and I will devote more time to chemistry, and it’s not like I need it for any of the colleges I’m looking at. Yesterdya I felt bad aobut this. I felt as though I had done the typical thing people in my family do: run away from their problems. It’s probably the only thing I really regret about my life so far.. So in a way i’m punishing myself by not letting me go back; I made mymind and I have to deal with the consequences which means I will learn from my mistakes. Don’t I sound like a psycho?

In other words Valarya gave me an xmas card and she drew a little comic book thingy. It shows our tree falling down on us and me dying. It’s true except for the dying part. ^_^

I have one more college ap to send off and if I didn’t tell you I was accepted to Collins as well. Mom needs to sign something and we fax it in then I’m all done! I’m so excited

Tomorrow is our last day of school and the only class I’m doing anything serious in is chemistry. We have to finish the lab we started today and I really had no idear what i was doing. o.0 But I think everyone was behind and not just us. In every other class I have some sort of party. I’m going to get fatter than I already am. All I can say is wow, I though this was high school? -laughs*

Anyway I love Rian

Daily Dirt
1. What’s your favourite celebration ever? I don’t really plan things like this. If it happens it happens and I go along with it and things are much more fun when they’re spontaneous anyway.
2. Where do you love to celebrate your birthday? I don’t anymore. It’s been forgotten for the past two years and I have learned not to get my expectations too high. Whenever I have parties there are fights or I wind up not being the centero f attention and feel like no one cares and I get all melodramatic and then the shit really hits the fan.
3. Do you celebrate anniversaries? On the 7th Rian and I always say happy anniversary in some way…
4. What other stuff do you celebrate that does not have an exact dates? Floppy’s birthday.. I don’t know when it is, but sometime in may I tihnk. This year he turned 4 and I bought him a pink catnip mouse!
5. Ever celebrated anything alone? I don’t know..

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