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Mar 28

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems?

Well, that’s how the saying goes, isn’t it?

Money has been on my mind quite a bit recently. For starters, I just finished my taxes and what should have been a healthy little exercise turned out to be quite a lot less fun than normal (which isn’t much fun at all).

I had done my taxes on the H&R Block website last year, for free, so went to sign in this year. I go through the whole process without a problem and get to the end and leave it to check on a few things with Rian (and in hopes that it will somehow give me more of a refund. lol) and I get back, thining all I have to do is basically “click” send when it tells me that I can’t e-file (on any site, period) because of my filing status.

Fine, I’ll just print it out so I talk to their chat helper person – the first one who doesn’t recieve my messages and closes the window sooo I talk to another and he keeps telling me to click links which aren’t there because, as it turns out, I have to pay. He tells me that, in order to use this service for free, I need to register a new account and cannot import any of my information.

Okay, fiiine! Be that way if you want. So I go to register a new account and they won’t let me select the status I want at all! After a few phone calls to the IRS, I order some forms to be sent to me because I have no printer ink and don’t know the password to Wendy’s computer. >_>

However, my aunt and I stopped off at the library a few days later and picked up the forms I needed (and instructions!) after I went driving. So, yesterday I start my taxes and I finish my federal, only to see that I somehow owe them money, but H&R Block had said I’d be getting a refund.

As it turns out, I forgot to -ahem* claim myself and after I fixed that minor error, I got the same results as I had on the web site and went ahead and did my state taxes, as well. I intended to send them off today but became distracted by Maple Story. -lol*

My taxes are about a third of what they were last years, which seems to be common among everyone I know. -stomps* I want money, dammit!

Speaking of – we finally recieved our bonus checks from work for not going over our alloted accidents for the safety committee. They kept telling us it was “$500” but it turns out, that they took out taxes – about $150 from mine. They might as well not tell us to expect anything because we expect what they say and a lot of people made plans for all of the $500. I really don’t need it, but it’s the principle of the thing, y’know?

I thought I was starting to save up the money I’d spent, but my checking account has quite a bit less than I thought – I think because I forgot to factor in bills. Damn them!

As I’m looking at my account statement, I see that I’m beeing charged for and while I signed up for a free trial several months ago, and haven’t used it since, they seem to think it’s okay ot start billing me without even letting me know, so I sent them a scathing e-mail demanding my money back! d=

Alas, I need to throw my clothes in the washer and hit the sack, like I intended to do almost an hour and a half ago!

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