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Sep 02


hearing: Children outside
feeling: hungry
wanting: food

Someone filled out one of the surveys and answered that the site doesn’t appeal to girls because it’s too dark and I should add “more pink and yellow” and maybe use “Paris Hilton” or “Christina Aquilera” instead. Well, okay. That’s nice.

Sexist much? I’m guessing she was a young teenager because I’m pretty sure that, as you grow older, you can learn to appreciate other colours and concepts besides today’s hottest celebs (besides, it’s past Christina’s heyday anyway).

I know I’ll get differing opinions and that having a dark site, both in colour and “mood,” won’t win everyone over, but I thought this was fairly ridiculous. Sure, you don’t like it so I’ll make a layout of someone/thing which I don’t like to please you. I don’t think it happens that way. Nice try, though. Next time try answering the question.

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