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Apr 04

May I have your attention please?

This is a fun post. Below, see Rian.

“What is he doing?” You might ask or perhaps the phrase “Why is he under your coffee table?” crosses your mind. Fear not precious visitor! I can answer all of these and many more question!

You will notice that this is not just a picture of Rian beneath our coffee table. No! I would not bore you with such a mediocre form of entertainment. This fine piece of art is numbered for your visual pleasure! Read on to learn the significant of these numbers.

If you will direct your attention to numbers 1, 2 and 3, you will see Batman paraphernalia. If you didn’t know, which I highly doubt you did, Rian loves Batman. More than he loves me? We hope not. In order is a Batman wallet, place mat and fleece blanky.

Going on, class, you will see numbers 4 and 5 both focus on the specimen – in this case a certain husband of Mexican origin.

Number 5 simply exists to point out that this is his butt. Unfortunately, I am not a butt-girl myself but maybe you are. Either way, it’s his butt and I guess it looks okay there. Number 4 is a general reference to said husband, his placement beneath the coffee table and the reason he is there.

“Who put him there?” you might ask. “He did!” I would respond. Yes, boys and girls of the jury, my husband, in a moment of not-so-rare immaturity decided he was hurt, crawled beneath the coffee table, put his hands over his head and began to chant these words: Nobody loves me.

Number 6 is the open DVD case of 24 Season 1 which I had just finished watching (or was in the process of) at the time this picture was taken. I liked it. I liked season 5 better, I think but I am a Kiefer fan. How can anyone not be? Who doesn’t loveThe Three Musketeers and/or The Lost Boys? That’s right. No One. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

With that, class, I conclude this presentation.

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