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Mar 04

Major Updates

hearing: Some country song
feeling: Tired but ambitious

The first major update is that I have renamed Canadia to Hockeyland USA. Canadians will now be known as Hockeylandics. Anyone who has any problem with this decision will be beheaded by me, Tsarina Cole the Terribly Great of Hockleyland USA. Actually, I’m not from Hockeyland USA but since I renamed it, I decided to appoint myself the new ruler. Prime Minister what? In all seriousness, now you Hockeylandics can’t insult Americans because you are officially apart of the USA! Ha!

On a truly serious note, I’m pretty happy with my most recent purchase: a new vacuum. It was $15 cheaper than the piece of shit I was using which had been a housewarming present from Mom and Tim and is about 15 times better, too. It sucks, in a good way. I picked up and vacuumed the living room so now it’s not such a mess. Maybe it’ll spur Wendy into cleaning something. Nah, who am I kidding?!

I find, though, that I have no place to put my stuff because Ashley’s stuff is in the closet. Actually, it’s just one exercise machine but it takes up the whole damned thing and her stupid broken piece of crap fake tree is sitting in my front hall because I don’t want to waste the effort to put it in the basement. Just get the shit out of my house!

Speaking of, I could put my stuff in the basement but a) it’s too much effort b) I’d need someone’s help c) I’d just be moving it in a few months, anyway and d) there are a ton of spiders down there. Besides, the tree smelled all gross when we brought it up anyway.

Enough of that. It seems that I will be doing some work for Regeneration magazine which is really cool! Check it out!

Lastly, I’ve updated the vote link on the blog pages. (oops!) and added an affiliate. I’ll try to upload a new song for you guys to download, too.

You know what’s crazy? How I’ve deleted, literally, hundreds off e-mails from my Gmail account and I still have 1921 left! It’s unbelievable that I could have more than that in the first place, though I do use it for all my mailing lists/Yahoo groups so I can keep up with music!

I’ve also taken on the task of typing up song lists for all my burned Cd’s, some of which are years old. It’s interesting to remember old songs I used to (and still do!) love and the ones I can’t quite recall as well. I’ve had to Google a lot of lyrics. So far I’ve typed up about 20. I knew I had some actually written down somewhere to I turned my room upside down looking for those little yellow papers only to remember I had typed them up months ago and they were already on my computer. -lol* I am such a dork!

Anyway, in that process I wound up going through a lot of my papers and while I threw many of them away, I found an article about Amanda after she died, lots of pictures of old friends and a lot of crappy, angsty poetry which I wrote when I was either a) depressed b) in love c) broken-hearted or d) all of the above. I really am a pack rat and hold on to a lot of shit I don’t need. I tossed a couple of binders of school stuff which is almost 2 years old, although I’m going to keep all my French stuff because I hope to relearn it and actually use it someday.

Anyway, enough from me for now.

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