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Nov 08

Major Updateness!

It’s been a while. I mistakenly thought I couldn’t post blogger updates from here (and seemed to remember having issues when I was here in January, too) but I can. I just can’t seem to edit posts. Bleh.

Life with Rian has been good, for the most part. He’s been sweet and dorky and mean and cute and fun and playful.. overall just someone I like to be with. Yes, the sex has been good – better than ever, actually. -smirks-

Life on base isn’t entirely fantastic or exciting but I really don’t mind. As hard as it may be for some to believe, I am not here to see Japan. I am not an anime lover nor am I a J-rock fangirl. I am, however, happy to be with my husband an while I may be in Japan, is it not Japan.

Most of my stuff has arrived, to my relief. I only have one box left and I imagine that will take a while to arrive because I had to send it by a different method than the rest. (Who know nail polish is considered hazardous?) Unfotunately, it contains a lot of my cosmetics and toiletries which I’d prefer to have with me now.

On the down side, my computer may not have survived the trip. I had my printer and monitor in one box and my tower, keyboard and most of my cords in another but both arrived pretty beat up. Parts of my printer are physically broken as well as my tower, the case of which was actually slightly out of place.

Of course it didn’t work when hooking it up so I took it apart to find some things not connected which should be and I reconnected them but not being the most computer/tech savvy person, who am I to know if I actually should be connecting them? I’d know if it worked if I had plugged it in and tried to turn it on but when I did that before it sparked aand shocked me upon unplugging so I’ve been hesitant to try again. =
In the meantime I’m stuck using Rian’s laptop which isn’t so bad really, expect it’s not mine and doesn’t have my files, my settings, my programs, or my pretty Sharon wallpaper. )=

Damned the USPS!

I’ve had some worrisome health issues, a topic I’ll only approach a bit in such a public place but feel free to ask and I’ll probably tell. So Rian had to sign me up at the hospital in order for them to assign me a doctor, for whom I am now waiting to call.

The Outstretched ShadowI’ve finished another book which wasn’t very impressive. I figured I’d start in on some Mercerdes Lackey books because she’s such a big name but I just feel this void in me now that I’ve caught up reading The Sword of Truth series.

Anyway, I found the writing to be quite amatuer-ish and below the level I think such an established author should be writing but since I am previously unfamiliar with her work, I’m not sure how much of that is the influence of her co-author and his inexperience. Overall, the characters were likeable but I didn’t find myself readily identifying with them and although the book was fantasy, I also found it lacked credibility. It seemed that, were this a real world, these things still would not be happening.

So, I will not continuing reading this series. Recommendations are welcome.

On a side note, eventually we’ll look at hamsters or some other cute rodent type as a pet. Squeak!

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