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Jul 29

Look what the cat dragged in

A wet little Cole. Wonder where she came from? Well, I’ll tell you.

She was living in her apartment with no furniture save for an air mattress and all her belongings being shipped overseas. Then they kicked her out (in reality, housing came and must have decided the place was fine, so we handed over the keys) and she spent countless hours (more like 5) wandering aimlessly through the slums (having breakfast and reading at the library). Then she was forced into tiny accommodations without climate control (a room at the Misawa Inn; no A/C) with a crazy alien (Ryan).

And now she’s tortured by medieval devices (really slow computers) because the sadists (lodging personnel? Services?) don’t believe in magic (wireless networks).

In reality, I’m not horrible. The room was surprisingly ghetto and I’m disappointed but I’m sure you all know how critical I can be and anything is better than nothing, really. Our room isn’t even in the main building; I’m not sure if that makes it any worse but it seems like little more than a glorified dorm room (same set up and everything) with furniture supplied.

It is quite hot but – they’re so sweet that – they left fans in the closet. Only 1 of them didn’t work! They were also really thoughtful to leave us complimentary items like coffee and shampoo but those are complimentary only for the first night’s stay and after that any items we silly travelers have “forgot” are available for purchase at the front desk, or so says the signs everywhere. It’s quite rude.

The shower is really nasty. I mean, it’s not horrible but it’s not hotel quality by any means! The metalworkd used to have gold on it which has worn off and looks all nasty. The showerhead shoots you with water, not a nice spray, and although there is a knob to adjust, it goes from painful to fatal. The tub fauce also is connected to a pipe which sticks out from a hole in the wall so there’s a gap between the wall and the faucet.

On the plus side, there’s a kitchenette supplied with some dishes which will make life a little easier, and we have a dozen TV channels (that’s 11 more than we had in the apartment) to flip through discontentedly. I also have some Netflix we can finished up (which reminds me, I need to put my account on hold).

Interestingly enough, right after we got into the room yesterday, we lost power because of a lightning strike! When does that ever happen?

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