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Dec 24

Look pretty, smile!

As I was showering and planning Christmas photos for tomorrow it struck me that I may as close as it gets to the family photographer. It’s not that I’m necessarily any good (hell, I don’t even have a dedicated camera that I use) and I have friends who are much, much better but.. I am less bad than the rest of my family. I don’t take pictures where people are mid-sentence or mid-bite or doing something potentially embarrassing. Because I like to look good in photos, I assume other people do, too and, when I take a picture, I try to take one that is, at the very least, clear and well framed it not artistic.

It has always amazed me how absolutely God-awful my family is as taking pictures. They really have no sense of photos and that, I think, is part of the reason I shy away from photos. We don’t always look amazing but a bad photo just makes us look so much worse and I delete all my bad photos immediately from my phone/camera.

So, tomorrow I am hoping to take a few decent pictures and email them to the folks in the family so we can look a little less dysfunctional. I may not even be in them because, hey, I’ll be behind the camera.

2 comments on “Look pretty, smile!”

  1. That’s good that you realize that you’re the photographer and that you’re going to make sure some good photos get taken. Every family needs someone taking some decent pictures. For our family, that’s me too!

  2. I love it that you pay attention to your family and take flattering photos! It drives me nuts when my family snaps a photo and I am in mid-bite or my mouth is open or something equally icky.

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