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Feb 28

Look, a baby!

Samantha’s walking now. I don’t know if she’s early developing or not but it sure seems quick. She’s crawling on my side currently. She seems to be a really intelligent baby, and I know people say that about all babies, but I’m not a baby fan at all.

People, the ask me anything form is not a search bar. -rme* You ask me a question, I receive it in my inbox. and then I answer it at a later date in my blog. I do not have any questions I want to answer. You guys are slacking so, ask me questions.

Speaking of blogs, I’m done with this only blogging once a week crap. It’s boring. And I’ve also become bored of this layout. I’m working on a new one but I have a lot of mixed feelings on it.
You guys seem to have a lot of mixed feelings on my scrollbar. There isn’t one. -smirks* I happen to like it, and it will stay as long as the layout is up. I like it because I can never scroll up with my scrolly wheel on my mouse, only down. Now, I can do both. Yay!

I’ve sent off all my financial stuff to Collins and now I must call Jack. I thin I’m giving up on IADT because of all this shit they’ve pulled. I don’t know how good of an education I would have there. So now I have to start thinking about getting money and finding a way to move. It makes me nervous. It’s all going to happen to quickly, and I’m going to be standing around wondering where all the time went.

Ugh, but I really am excited to go to college and get out of high school. It’s so petty and it makes me bitchy and mean. I dislike so many of the people there, these days, that it’s not even funny. I sometimes think I should have just graduated at semester, but what would I have done for all this time? I wouldn’t have a job if I weren’t in school.

Speaking of jobs, I think Ben and I may go into a sort of business venture together. This could benefit me in many ways, I believe. If I did make any sort of money that’d be great, and working it’d be a great experience for me as well. It’s just so hard to get a hold of him. Let me rephrase that; I don’t call people. Although, I did call him last night because I think I broke Ashe’s comp. I wonder whether or not that has been fixed.

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