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Nov 18

Long winded Cole

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Some more questions..

A: No Sky.

Q: I like you site, did you make this on your own?
A: I edited the picture yes.. The lyrics are not my own.. Why don’t you try reading about the site?!?!

Q: making gothic dolls
A: This is not a search engine. -rme*

Q: When did you ‘fix’ your site!?
A: When was it broken?

People please before you ask a question related to the site browse a bit and I bet you’ll find an answer!

I finally finished my essay for Columbia, all I need is for Tim to write the check and we’re good to go. I hope I’ll be able to visit ITT Tech. I think I’m giving up on The Art Institutes. Mrs. whatshername in the career center says with my ACT scores I should get into anywhere I apply.

She doesn’t like the fact that Collins is in AZ and I don’t have anyone there. It didn’t really occur to me because I’ve been so looking forward to getting out of here and the big city life really excites me. Plus I’d be much closer to Rian. Speaking of which, if you want to read more about him click here. You of course, won’t die if you don’t and it’s more personal as well.

I need to read some more. I’ve been wasting time at school online but part of that is because off a lot of my classes needing me to do research. My research paper for English is probably not going as well as I’d like it to be. I’ve a rough outline done for my part and I did the thesis but who knows if Valarya is going to decide she doesn’t like it.

Ugh, I’m so sick of her. Apparently some friends of hers died from aids and his parents aren’t giving him a funeral, oh! and she’s sooo upset. Read why I’m using this tone. This girl has more sob stories than anyone I’ve ever met – she’s broken every bone at least 3 times, like 3 of her exes killed themselves, she’s had over 300 stitches, she’s been trained in hand to hand combat since she was 6.. Yea, sound a little incredulous? Sob stories do not make a person any more deep or whatever. She has a life lesson to learn. I know I’m not the only one getting sick of it. It’s not what you’ve been through but how you come out of it. I’d be glad to talk to the girl but if she wants sob stories I can give her sob stories. I can pretty them up, exaggerate and tell a white lie or too (after all it’s what people do for attention) but where the hell would that get me? Or her? Or anyone? Nowhere good that’s for sure. Of course, if she wants sob stories I can guarantee mine’s harder anyway, but I don’t focus on that anymore.

I’m not feeling much better and it’s making it hard to concentrate. I’m also having hot and cold flashes and my nose is so sore it bled today (from tissues making it raw).

Good thing I only have a half day tomorrow. PS my Animals teacher is a fucking idiot.

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