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Jan 25

Little brother

don’t you do what your big brother does (you know, like the Elvis song ;))

One issue of our kitty dynamic is that Goliath seems to really admire his “older brother” and likes to imitate him. Phantom sits on the edge of the tub when I shower? So does Goliath. Phantom runs into the pantry when I open the door (we keep the food at the bottom), so does Goliath. Phantom sits on the printer, Goliath must follow. I certainly hope Goliath doesn’t pick up Phantom’s really bad habit, jumping on the fridge (from the counter).

Of course, wherever Phantom is, Goliath likes to be by him. Licking, cuddling, playing. I think Phantom gets a bit annoyed when he is trying to relax when someone is biting his tail. It’s cute, though. Sometimes they really act like older brother and younger brother.

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