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Sep 13

Light! Back you evil foe!

Today I will make the grand march down all 4 flights of stairs and enter into the world of the living – ie the world that is not my studio. It has been a long time since I’ve laid my eyes upon the blue of the lake or the sky or felt the crisp, cool air caressing my skin or filling my lungs.

Actually, I awoke yesterday and came to the horrifying realization that my husband is no longer here and, consequently, decided to die. I then realized that I am quite horrible at dying and despite the fact that I’ve felt completely tired and restful for most of the past 3 weeks, I’d had a wonderful, undisturbed sleep and even though I might want to just stay in bed and rot, I was wide awake.

Thus, I spent the day cooped up inside my apartment being a lazy bum and sitting on my lazy bum. While I did manage to accomplish a few things (EG catching up on my reading, playing MapleStory – only to find 5 minutes before the game was shutting down for upgrades that I had rushed to a certain place to finish my quest in vain because I was on the wrong character, watching TV and fiddling with WP to no end) most of those things involved me sitting on my aforementioned lazy bum. If you’ll browse the list of things I did not do, you’ll notice these things involve leaving my confines: take our recycling, return library books, check mail which may hold my new cellular telephone.

So today I will do those things and so much more – maybe. If nothing else, I will send this entry to blog with love.

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