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Sep 14


hearing: Michelle Branch
feeling: Anxious
wanting: A banana (no, for real)

If you’re going to be an asshole and be angry with me, give me the silent treatment, talk about me to others, let it influence your work life, and come between a mother and her daughter, then stick to it. It’s not fucking fair to all of a sudden decide you’re not going to be one and then act all buddy-buddy with me, all right?! My guard is not down and don’t expect me to “accept” this behaviour after the shit you’ve pulled. I am not an idiot, although you may be constantly surrounded by them.

Additionally, I was reading the paper and, as always, I read the “Dear Annie” section. There were a whole slew of replies dedicated to someone who wrote in and complained that her husband put the toilet paper in the “wrong” way. Apparently, there is a top and a bottom. OMG. Who fucking cares?! Who puts effort into writing to a newspaper column to get advice about this?! Who takes the time to reply to said letter?! Why the hell am I even blogging about this?! It’s ridiculous!

On a lighter note, Piglet is a freakin’ little dork. She’s biting (more like chewing) and licking now. Right before she licks you, she gets this almost demonic look on her face, sticks out her tongue and runs at you. Hehe.

Enough of those tidbits.

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