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Mar 19

Let’s Get Personal

Blog. A web log. Although, I don’t think you really wanted me to blog about what I am doing on the web. That would get boring. Or might provide you with a glimpse of Cole you don’t really want to see. I have never really considered this space to be a blog. I have always felt it was a journal and, a quick check with Jenn supports the idea that they can be one and the same; although, they do not have to be. This is.

I have written some really personal stuff on these pages. I have posted messages which are more cryptic. Sometimes I have felt the need to censor myself while, others I have been extremely blunt (sometimes earning the wrath of my readers). I have made statements about a plethora of subjects. Sometimes I don’t say much at all. But it’s all me because that is the only way words from me can be.

This is my space, after all. I pay for it. I maintain it. It is mine to do with what I want. And in the near future I will be bringing back more personal posts. Because I want to.

3 comments on “Let’s Get Personal”

  1. I’m all ears :)

  2. I think post what you want :)

  3. Sounds good to me. I’d love to hear about it. :)

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