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Nov 01

Legend of the Seeker

Yesterday I was on the computer, half heartedly listening to the TV in the background when a trailer started to play. As I listened to the female character, I thought “What a rip off of the Sword of Truth books.” As it turns out, it’s not a rip off. It’s a television adaptation of those books under the title Legend of the Seeker and it starts tomorrow. As soon I realized that, it gave me shivers! Haha! So I checked out the official site which is full of videos and the IMDB forum which is full of fans like myself who are both excited and hesitant to see the premier tomorrow. I hope it’s good!

One comment on “Legend of the Seeker”

  1. Dez

    I was happy to actually be able to catch this on TV. Hopefully I’ll catch it next week as well. I can’t wait until Cara (think I spelled it right) comes in.

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