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Jul 06

Leave Me Alone

Despite my isolation from friends and family, I am inundated with requests and queries and messages. My inbox, answering machine and mailbox never stay empty. If anything, I have developed a very clear stance on spam: I hate it.

I have resorted to letting the machine pick up every call and I’m sure Ryan doesn’t appreciate it but I am sick of taking calls that want something (I tell you, you donate once and they won’t leave you alone. They’re like stray cats!) or for people who don’t live here, never have and no, I don’t know them, thank you very much. I am not Nadia, Melissa or Erica and the Ryan you want is not my husband so stop calling! These people must be going through the phone book and calling everyone with the same last name as we have which is ridiculous. I mean, our last name is in the top 20 in the entire country so that tactic is absurd to begin with. For reference, there are over 10 pages of Martinezes in the phone book.

Car insurance companies down here are also really good at making their ads seem like real mail. They’re vague enough that you have to open them, just in case it’s something you’ll regret tossing. I get those kind of letters at least once a week. Think of the trees, people!

In fact the calls and mail make me happy Thunderbird does so well with fielding spam and that my computer doesn’t “ring” every time I get a knew message. I’d have to kill myself then. I already hate the sound of our phone which also has an insanely loud ringer even on low. I’d hate to hate my computer.

In summary: gtfo spammers.

4 comments on “Leave Me Alone”

  1. I rarely answer the phone. Between junk calls and the few bill collectors left over from years ago, there really isn’t much in the way of legitimate calls. My mom usually calls my cell, and my husband’s job usually calls his cell, so there’s not much left for the home phone to get! One feature I do love about it though is its ability to block phone numbers. It’ll let them ring once, and then it gives them a busy signal, tee hee. The only bummer is that there is a limit — 20. And yes, I have maxed out that limit!

  2. Dez

    RAWR! I hate spammers with a passion. My inbox is constantly full of junk. I need to figure out how to fight it correctly. As for the phone calls, I rarely get them so I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

  3. Thunderbird is pretty good with junk. It wipes out most of it and then I just have to junk a couple leftovers. I should work on my junk filters, though. Then it’ll be even better

  4. I love Thunderbird. I use it for everything. Their junk filters are just so excellent. Luckily I don’t have the phone or mail problem being I only have a cell phone and I’ve recently moved to my own place where I get almost no mail yet.

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