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Sep 11

You Learn A Lot About Your Friends..

..when the cops show up at your door.

So, last night I had went to bed sometime between 5 and 6 PM. I had been up for 24 hours, so I hit the hay after my best friend left. I wasn’t asleep for more than an hour when someone began banging on my window. I figured it was some drunk asshole who was locked out. I am not the doorman, so I was going to yell at him through the window when he identified him as Wausau PD and asked if I could open the door, which I did.

Upon opening the door, I saw a young officer who didn’t look all that different from Glenn from The Walking Dead. As I am letting him in, he asks for apartment number 2. That’s me, and I am thoroughly perplexed and not quite awake. He tells me to get my keys and step outside. I do and I inquire as to WTF is going on. Two other cops come around, and the whole lot of them was really quite good looking.

Office Glenn-from-the-walking-dead tells me that they got a call from a woman whose niece, Brenda, called her saying that her mom was going to hurt herself. Obviously, this doesn’t pertain to me.  They asked to see my apartment, and I showed them. It was all over in less than 5 minutes and they were leaving.

It had disturbed my sleep, though, I just had to tell everyone. The story only gets better based on the replies that I received from my friends.

  • One friend said I should have told the hot cops I was hiding drugs “but you have to find them” to get frisked.
  • Another thought that the story was leading to stripping cops
  • A third said at least I got a good story about it

I mean, it’s true. It’s an interesting story. Weird enough to blog  about. Sadly, there was no stripping or frisking. But here’s a photo of Channing Tatum.

No Stripper Cops HEre

No Stripper Cops HEre


Also, yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day, so I really hope that Brenda’s mom is okay.

2 comments on “You Learn A Lot About Your Friends..”

  1. Amy

    Wait, so Brenda’s family called and said she lived in YOUR apartment? O.o

    Also, I totally thought it was stripping cops, lol.

  2. Yep, exactly. I don’t know if it was completely the wrong address or…. she used to live here or something.

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