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Oct 05

Last Night

Okay so tonight was west’s homecoming dance. I don’t go there – but I went to the middle school for that side of town and 3 out of 4 years I have gone to their homecoming dance with my friends from there whom I consider my real friends

well you see I had to convince one of my friends to go.. and she’s the one that picked me up and stuff so after having a fairly bad day she picked me up early and we redyed my hair and stuff at her house but then she goes online and talks to Steve and were supposed to be going to our other friends house and she wont get ready but we get ready and go to Robyn’s – only Ashley is late.. so we all finish and they take some pictures but I didn’t want to because I felt self conscious around Robyn’s family then we leave – Christina has to take her mom home Nikki, Ashley, and I go straight to the place and I leave my stuff in Nikki’s car

what happens is that Nikki sits there and doesn’t dance at all and we try to get her to but she feels like she HAS to go with a guy in order to have fun so she spends her time sitting at a table and whenever we come by her she leaves.. and then she give Christina her camera and tell s her to “Waste” the pictures long story short – she leaves and tells me shell drop our stuff off tomorrow

well then Christina and I decide we wanna go to Perkin’s but Ashley wants to stay so Christina and I stay in the gym cause its quieter less hot our feet hurt my ear hurts

the rest of the people come out and Ashley says she wants to go to Robyn’s and watch movies but I really wanna go to Perkin’s so she finally gives in and calls her parents and asks, but I wanted to get pictures but I felt like after the sweating we all looked pretty bad

and THEN i remember my camera is in Nikki’s coat pocket

so we go to Perkin’s but I’m really upset that Nikki has done this when this is like our last blast and I think after tonight we lost a friend

so I get there and I’m not happy and then we get this hot gay waiter and he comments about how I’m glaring and makes stupid jokes and eventually i have fun but I seriously feel bad especially because I used to be the girl that did that anyway he called me cute and all I could say is “you don’t want to fuck cute” you know I’m sick of being cute.. That’s for little girls
we make some jokes about the mirror by us being two way and stuff and I didn’t order right away so it takes ages for met o order and by then I needed take out and we were like yea doggy bag let’s tap on the two way mirror – he’s behind us.. and he appears!

oh I skipped the part where he asked if he could pet me and I said yes.. He was damn fine
So we drop me off first because I’m closest, and then I talk to Rian a bit.. Well fought -smh* And it wasn’t any fun – it didn’t get me anywhere but upset. He doesn’t seem to realize that I’m longing for him – not just anyone. I don’t want anyone else.

p.s. My hair does not have spots now, and I like it much better.. I’d take a picture but I look like I just woke up, because I did and I don’t have any of my makeup etc.

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