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Jan 02

Last Day Off

Tomorrow I return to work after being off since last Friday (I was scheduled to work Sunday but called in) and it feels like forever since I’ve stepped foot in that building.

Unfortunately, I spend most of that time being ill with a cold. That combined with Rian working on New Years Eve meant I spent the night home along watching movies online. It was quiet, for the most part, and I realized I haven’t celebrated the new year for some time. It seems to me that this is due mostly to being graduated and away from my friends. I was never much of a partier but my social life is extremely lacking here due to the aforementioned reasons. I’m not quite sure if I’m bothered by this or not. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed bringing in the new year with your loved ones.

In other news, I found it unusually difficult to accomplish anything during this time. I do have some site projects underway and some new tasks to take on but I just haven’t felt as up to it lately.

Instead, I change my desktop wallpaper and theme to match. I present to you, the glory that is NCIS.

I did, however, discover that Blogger’s comment code is invalid and thus invalidates my blog and there’s nothing I can do about it. Wonderful, eh? But should I really be surprised? Neither Blogger nor Google (which owns it) have valid sites.

I also joined a few new forums, one of which I’d like to give special mention of. In the few short days I’ve been posting at Ecstasy, I’ve come to love it. It’s active and is really the story of board I’ve been looking for. I encourage you to take a look.

One comment on “Last Day Off”

  1. Sigh. I have to bring in work and school back. Hooray for the start of the new year!

    Regardless of how you spent your new years, I hope you enjoyed it :3 Were the movies nice at least?

    Have you tried Haloscan? I heard that was a good comment-thing O:. I’m not sure if that invalidates your site though, since the last time I used a commenting system outside of WordPress’s was years and years ago (back when you hosted me and I didn’t care about validated sites :B. I still don’t, btw).

    Sigh, lucky you that you found a message board to join :O. I’ve been looking for new boards outside of Lavish, but I’m not sure if I want to dive into something new :/

    In any case, I hope everything goes well for you :3

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